Montecito Hotel and Casino Las Vegas TV Show Tshirt Mens


This is a sharp T-Shirt! First off, while the Product Photo may appear a bit beige, the actual Shirt is indeed "Vegas Gold". Secondly, I'm a BIG guy-- 6'7" / 300lbs-- so I ordered a 3X. The Shirt I received was a medium-weight, 100% Cotton garment that caters more to the FAT than the TALL-- something I note only because T-shirts in the larger sizes tend to skew one way or the other and us folks that wear them care a great deal about that distinction! But don't get me wrong-- it fits just fine-- plenty of "drape" (I HATE tight, form-fitting T-shirts!) and adequate length (so I can move about freely without my substantial belly hanging out-- not something ANYONE should have to look at!). If I was King of the World, I'd decree that this Shirt be a couple inches longer since I am both FAT _and_ TALL but don't let that assessment discourage any Tall person from making a Purchase. If you're THIN and TALL (I HATE you people!), this Shirt will still work for you but there'll be room inside it for You and a Friend. Since it's a single-color Silk-Screen, I can say that they don't skimp on the Ink and the design is nice and sharp and heavy enough to stand-up to years of wear (provided you wash it in Cold and let it air-dry on a hangar, as I do with ALL my T-shirts, being both TALL & FAT!). I have NEVER put any of my T-Shirts in a Dryer so I can't speak to what will happen if you do that but I'm pretty sure my Laundry Habits are shared by most "plus-sized" guys anyway. Lastly-- how 'bout that Price? Sure, us Big Guys always have to pay the extra few dollars beyond what's posted but even with that financial Size Penalty, this T-shirt is a great deal. The ONLY reason I didn't give it "5 Stars" is because it's not as LONG as it is WIDE…………whereas I am!
Date Added: 02/11/2016 by Joel Smallbeck