Installation Assistance and Faq's


How do I know what size hitch cover I need?

  • You can simply measure the opening of your vehicle's hitch receiver as shown in the illustration below. 

How do I install the Led Hitch Cover?

  • It's a simple plug-n-play installation. However, here is a detailed video of the installation. Please Note: the video also shows installation of an inexpensive adapter that some vehicle's may require for compatibility (See the next section below the video for more info on the adapter)

Getting error codes / alarms on my vehicle's dashboard or light not turning on.

  • Some newer vehicles come equipped with a hitch sensor that is intended to let the driver know that an accessory is malfunctioning. However, LED lights require less power than typical hitch accessories; which can cause a false error message to be displayed on your dashboard instrument panel. This is true for all LED accessories; not just ours.

    There is an inexpensive adapter that will resolve this false error message. It is available on Simply click ->> Link to Adapter

Your vehicle must be equipped with a 7-pin outlet to use the adapter. If your vehicle DOES NOT have a 7-pin power outlet; then unfortunately, the hitch cover is not compatible with your vehicle and can be returned for a full refund (in accordance with our refund / return policy)



Customer's who own Hyundai vehicles or vehicles that DO NOT have a 7-pin outlet, have had success with this adapter on Amazon ->>  Link to Other Adapter


  • PLEASE NOTE: Many customers have attempted to go to their local auto store and purchase adapters that look the same; be advised that this WILL NOT WORK!!! Though they are similar in appearance the internal components are completely different and serve different purposes.