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Taurus Zodiac LED Brake Hitch Cover

Taurus Zodiac LED Brake Hitch Cover

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***PLEASE NOTE: If you have a newer model vehicle that's equipped with a lamp out sensor on your vehicle (typically found on late model Ford vehicles with tow package) - You will need to purchase a separate adapter (click here for details) to prevent a false error message.

Embody the steadfast charm of Taurus with our Taurus Zodiac LED Brake Hitch Cover. Taurus, the sign symbolized by the Bull, is celebrated for its reliability, practicality, and love of beauty and comfort. Governed by Venus, Taureans are known for their sensual nature, appreciation for the finer things in life, and a grounded approach to their endeavors. This earth sign, celebrated from April 20 to May 20, embodies strength, determination, and a nurturing spirit that draws others to its stable and reassuring presence.

This hitch cover brings the enduring spirit of Taurus to your vehicle, featuring the Bull symbol illuminated by a brake-activated LED light, enhancing visibility and safety with a touch of astrological elegance. It's a tribute to the Taurean's unyielding nature and their pursuit of serenity and pleasure, encouraging a journey filled with beauty and steadfastness.

Designed for universal compatibility, the Taurus Zodiac LED Brake Hitch Cover fits any standard 2-inch hitch receiver, ensuring easy installation. Whether you're a Taurus, have a Taurus in your life, or simply admire the qualities of this earth sign, this hitch cover is a way to add a personal touch to your travels, merging cosmic symbolism with practical road safety.

  • Steel Hitch Tube - Thermoplastic Lens
  • Fits a 2 inch hitch receiver. (Clip not included)
  • Plugs into your vehicles 4 Pin Flat Trailer Connector
  • Operates in two modes: Running Lights and Brake Lights
  • Provides additional visibility and third brake light.
  • Measures 4.10 Inches in Length and the front face is 4 in x 4 in.
  • Front face is coated in a protective clear coat to provide long lasting protection and durability.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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